Rebecca Rose Fine Portraits

Rebecca Rose Fine Portraits

I look forward to meeting you and telling your story! I also want to a let you know we take the health of you, your loved ones and ourselves very seriously.

Here are the steps we've taken to help all of us stay as healthy as possible.

1. All surfaces and equipment are disinfected before and after every visit or session in the studio. The bathrooms will remain pristine and cleaned prior to every visit. All door knobs are washed between each client as well. And essential oils will be used for air purifying.

2. We use disposable hand towels for hand washing.

3. Our luxurious fresh snack trays will only include single use, pre-packaged snacks.

4. We also continue on using individual bottle water.


The reality is there is a pandemic situation in our little state. While I am watching the situation closely, I am also promoting my business as usual. WHY? Simply because I cannot think of a more meaningful career that allows me to enable the power, strength and beauty of every person and family that comes through my doors. My studio has been described as peaceful and calming so I hope to bring these qualities into your life even if only for a couple of hours. While we will have fun in my peaceful studio, that is not the sole purpose of what we are doing. The main purpose of having a session, especially during this time is to show the world and most of all your families how beautiful and strong we all are. The art we will create will be timeless and a reminder that even in this chaotic world there is still peace and beauty.