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Mentoring Package 

Can I let you in on a little secret?

I have spent 10's of thousands of dollars on education, coaching, mentoring, and monthly subscriptions. I have learned A LOT but here's thing I had to come up with my own marketing method. While I implement many of the methods I have learned; to my core I am innovated. This means my brain never stops working and I pride myself in coming up with my own ideas. This is where you come in. I created a marketing method that works so good that I literally am making $10K a week and I would like to share that method with a limited amount of photographers. 






Many also say that the experience of having me take their picture actually changed the way they see themselves. I think it’s because when I meet my clients I automatically see their beauty, I see their best qualities, and what

makes them unique. 

Contemporary fine art


A traditional portrait is how the day is started. We meet at my studio where you will get your hair and make-up done. We then go into photography with two or three outfit changes.   Traditional fine art portraits are so important. It brings your potential clients to a next level realization of who you are and the more serious side to your business. 2-2.5 hours  of studio time between hair and make-up and photography. 

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Hold your hand through this method

I realize that this is a business investment. However with implementing it properly you will be able to gain at least 10 ideal clients. 

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Your thoughts is the start of you success. I will help guide you in a successful thinking path. I have done workshops and have had business coaching. I know that this was the beginning of my success and when I started to see results. 

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Rebecca Rose

the photographer

I have been a wedding and  event photographer for nearly a decade. Seeing all the details and capturing the essence of the day was an important part of who I am as a photographer.  I transitioned out of weddings into fine art portrait photography and personal branding because I am able to focus more on the art and beauty of each of my clients without the stress of "being THE day"  The connection with my clients is everything and I love capturing who they are. Its actually a privilege to be able to bring you business through your portraits. 

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  • Kickoff call meeting with Rebecca to style the story of your brand and plan your photo shoot experience 

  • Editorial plan to capture 4-6 “stories” at your shoot – each with a unique location and look

  • Wardrobe advice and styling (Approximately 6 different outfits)

  • White glove, no fuss logistics – I handle your schedule, and eats for your shoot (you don’t lift a finger!)

  • Pro hair and makeup artist for the day

  • Hold your hand direction to look and feel your best in front of the camera

  • 100+ color-perfected ready-to-use images for your website, social media and PR within 2 weeks of your shoot – plus select your 5 favorite “big money shots” for me to optimize 

Pricing Starts at $5000

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