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  Branding Photographer 

A personal branding photo session is an imperative part of your marketing strategy.  Coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, real estate companies and designers look to me for beautiful marketing photos. But the thing they all talk about is how their photo shoot experience with me made them feel.

Can I let you in on a little secret?







Many also say that the experience of having me take their picture actually changed the way they see themselves. I think it’s because when I meet my clients I automatically see their beauty, I see their best qualities, and what

makes them unique. 

Contemporary fine art


A traditional portrait is how the day is started. We meet at my studio where you will get your hair and make-up done. We then go into photography with two or three outfit changes.   Traditional fine art portraits are so important. It brings your potential clients to a next level realization of who you are and the more serious side to your business. 2-2.5 hours  of studio time between hair and make-up and photography. 


On location personality setting 

This is the bulk and most important part of the process. We will spend about 6+ hours having fun, laughing and enjoying our time at 2-3 different locations that represent your brand. 

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The details

Details and vignettes of your business is equally important for your website. Stock photos are not necessary , use photos of your own actual product and design. 30- 40 minutes of detail shots.

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Rebecca Rose

the photographer

I have been a wedding and  event photographer for nearly a decade. Seeing all the details and capturing the essence of the day was an important part of who I am as a photographer.  I transitioned out of weddings into fine art portrait photography and personal branding because I am able to focus more on the art and beauty of each of my clients without the stress of "being THE day"  The connection with my clients is everything and I love capturing who they are. Its actually a privilege to be able to bring you business through your portraits. 

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  • Kickoff call or coffee meeting with Rebecca to style the story of your brand and plan your photo shoot experience 

  • Editorial plan to capture 4-6 “stories” at your shoot – each with a unique location and look

  • Wardrobe advice and styling (Approximately 3 different outfits)

  • White glove, no fuss logistics – I handle your schedule, and eats for your shoot (you don’t lift a finger!)

  • Pro hair and makeup artist for the day (for Platinum Packages)

  • Hold your hand direction to look and feel your best in front of the camera

  • 100+ color-perfected ready-to-use images for your website, social media and PR within 2 weeks of your shoot – plus select your 5 favorite “big money shots” for me to optimize 

Pricing Starts at $1500